Borovška cesta 61
4280 Kranjska Gora
Tel: +386 (0)45 820 300
E-mail: gostilnaprimartinu@gmail.com







Guesthouse Martin


Do you like home cooking? ...


Welcome to a genuine Slovenian Inn, with excellent food and friendly service in a pleasant, homely atmosphere.


We also offer space for private parties and larger groups of up to 60, suitable for weddings, birthdays,

confirmations, anniversaries and other occasions.


If you are a gourmet you will definitely enjoy our excellently prepared food which you will not be able to get out of

your head for a very long time.




We prepared a few suggestions for groups (above 20 people):


1st MENU:

Lard with sausage, beef soup, onion roast beef with bread dumplings, turkey steak with rosemary, vegetables,

buckwheat porridge, fried mashed potatoes, salad, vanilla slice Vršič. Price: 25 €


2nd MENU:

Polenta with cheese, garlic soup, deer medalion with roulade with ricotta, turkey escalope with

vegetables, roasted potatoes, salad, hot wild fruits with ice cream. Price: 31 €


3rd MENU:

Potatoes with ricotta, barley soup, sausage, black pudding, roasted pork, buckwheat polenta, sauerkraut, potatoes,

dessert. Price: 21 €


4th MENU:

Beef soup, Wiener schnitzel, roasted beef, vegetables, potatoes, salad, hot wild fruits with ice cream. Price: 13 €


5th MENU:

Beef soup, pork escalope with mushroom sauce, bread dumpling, salad, wild fruits with ice cream. Price: 13 €


6th MENU:

Beef soup,mixed grill (3 sorts of meat), fries, salad, wild fruits with ice cream. Price: 14,5 €


7th MENU:

Vegetable soup, fish fillet, Swiss chard with potatoes, salad, wild fruits with ice cream. Price: 14,5 €



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